Alejandro Peláez Roldán. Back-end Developer.
Sebastián Arcila Valenzuela. The Algorithmist.
Juan Felipe Arango Aguirre. Front-end Developer.
Nicolás Hock Isaza. Color-blind Rails developer.
Juan Carlos Monroy. Web architect - UX Designer.
Sergio Botero Uribe. iOS/Mobile Developer.

About Us

We are a web and mobile development company devoted to the agile creation of applications and services designed to suit our customers needs.

The multidisciplinary expertise of our team in different programming languages, interface and experience design and mathematics, allow us to build successful solutions, with excellent quality and personalization. All of our products are as unique as our clients. No templates.

We are five software engineers and one designer. We have been working on web projects and developing web sites for several years.

So far we have successfully completed projects with companies of genetics and fashion industry. We’ve also built personal portfolios, and hosted virtual events and conferences.

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